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Part of speech: noun

Origin: Greek, early 20th century


The inability to remember a particular word or name.

Examples of Lethologica in a sentence

"Her lethologica increased when she was meeting multiple people at a time."

"Use mnemonic devices to avoid lethologica when you're studying for a big test."

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illustration Lethologica

About Lethologica

We’ve got the Greek word “lethe” for forgetfulness and the Greek word “logos” for word, and you can understand lethologica as being unable to remember a word or a name. It can be a symptom of a medical condition, or it can just be a case of forgetfulness.

Did you Know?

Lethe comes from Greek mythology — it’s the river in Hades that makes the souls of the dead forget their previous life. Lethologica is a somewhat obscure term for being unable to remember a certain word. A related medical condition is called aphasia — loss of ability to understand or express speech.

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