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Part of speech: verb

Origin: Unkown, early 17th century


Talk in a rambling manner.


Move or act in a dreamy or idle manner.

Examples of Maunder in a sentence

"Don't get him started on his favorite movies, or he will maunder forever."

"The blooming trees inspired me to maunder all afternoon in the garden."

About Maunder

They're not etymologically related, but maunder and meander have similar spellings and meanings. To meander means to wander at random, and maunder means to speak in a rambling way.

Did you Know?

Sometimes a word doesn't have a traceable origin. It had to come from somewhere, but we just can't pin it down. Maunder is such a word. There used to be a word, maunder, that meant to beg, but that definition dropped away. Today's maunder concerns how you speak or move about.

illustration Maunder

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