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Part of speech: adjective

Origin: Latin, 17th century


Yielding or producing honey.

Examples of Melliferous in a sentence

"Behind the restaurant, there was a patio surrounded by melliferous flowers."

"There are more melliferous plants than honeybees can harvest: some grow in a way that prevents bees from accessing them."

About Melliferous

“Melliferous” was created by merging the Latin “mellifer” (meaning “to bear honey”) with the suffix “-ous,” meaning “abundantly.”

Did you Know?

We often speak about honey as primarily the product of bees, but bees need to harvest substances from melliferous plants, which contain source nectar for honey. The word is similar to the better-known adjective “mellifluous,” which means “sweet or musical; pleasant to hear” and is sometimes used to describe voices and sounds.

illustration Melliferous

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