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Part of speech: adverb

Origin: Latin, 17th century


By, or from, memory; by heart.

Examples of Memoriter in a sentence

"The poet delivered her verse memoriter, without even a note card for reference."

"Marina is such a devoted Chicago Cubs fan that she can still rattle off their roster from 20 years ago memoriter."

About Memoriter

“Memoriter” is a loanword from Latin, where it means “from memory.” It is formed by joining the Latin word “memor” (meaning “having a good memory”) with the suffix “-ter,” making the word an adverb.

Did you Know?

While children today are sometimes asked to recite poetry and famous speeches memoriter, the practice of learning and repeating long passages from memory is less common in schools now than in previous generations. Nonetheless, a passion for memorizing and reciting poems lives on in organizations such as England’s Poetry By Heart, a national poetry-recitation competition for students.

illustration Memoriter

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