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Part of speech: noun

Origin: French, late 18th century


A person's social environment.

Examples of Milieu in a sentence

"The mark of a good sci-fi novel is an elaborate milieu which the characters inhabit. "

"The milieu of the neighborhood changed after the mega grocery store opened. "

About Milieu

In French, "milieu" means "middle," or, as in English, the setting or environment. There's also a French phrase, "au milieu de," which means "in the middle of."

Did you Know?

With its French inspiration, "milieu" appears to be quite a sophisticated word. Its original usage was to describe one's place in society — were you a member of the upper-crust milieu or were you working class? The definition has since expanded to describe one's general neighborhood and environmental surroundings, not just their social standing.

illustration Milieu

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