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Part of speech: noun

Origin: Greek


Someone who dislikes other people


A hater of mankind as a whole

Examples of Misanthrope in a sentence

"As the comic-book villain revealed his evil plan, he also revealed himself as an utter misanthrope."

"Spend too much time reading about history's worst atrocities and you may just become a misanthrope."

About Misanthrope

Most of us dislike some people, but only misanthropes dislike all people. It's certainly a lonely worldview, often brought about by focusing on mankind's shortcomings rather than focusing on the positive, and perhaps more common in fiction than it is in real life (supervillains, anyone?).

Did you Know?

Misanthrope comes from the Greek misein ("to hate") and anthrōpos ("human being"), hence its closeness to words like misogyny. Philanthropist — someone who dedicates their life to helping others — is its opposite.

illustration Misanthrope

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