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Part of speech: noun

Origin: Dutch, 15th century


Light rain; drizzle.

Examples of Mizzle in a sentence

"It wasn’t raining heavily, but the drops came down in a steady mizzle that soaked my clothes over the day."

"As the sky began to clear, the mizzle still falling in the east created a rainbow."

About Mizzle

“Mizzle” is likely based on the Dutch “mieselen,” meaning “to rain gently.”

Did you Know?

Though mizzle is the lightest kind of rain, it is associated more with wet climates than with dry ones. As residents of Pacific Northwest cities such as Portland and Vancouver know, rain is so consistent in that moist climate that it doesn’t need to rain very hard. Sometimes it does, but much of the time, the rain is a quiet, steady mizzle that appears so frequently, it keeps the grass green and the flowers bright.

illustration Mizzle

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