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Sunday, April 12



Part of speech: verb

Origin: Latin, mid-16th century


Work hard.


Move around in confusion or agitation.

Examples of Moil in a sentence

"You'll moil to plant your spring garden, but it's worth the effort."

"She seemed lost as she moiled around the street corner."

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About Moil

As a verb, moil means to be working very hard. But if you work too hard you might get overhwhelmed or overheated. In comes the second definition of moil, meaning to move around in agitation.

Did you Know?

The modern definition of moil is the opposite of its roots. In Latin, "mollis" means soft, and moil originally meant to wetten or soften a substance. But if you're laboring in mud, it's probably pretty hard work, and that's likely how moil came to mean strenuous work.

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