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Thursday, September 24



Part of speech: noun

Origin: Middle English, 17th century


The skin of a mole used as fur.


A thick, strong cotton fabric with a shaved pile surface.

Examples of Moleskin in a sentence

"I found a vintage coat lined with moleskin in exactly my size."

"I need to buy three yards of moleskin to make my new comforter."

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About Moleskin

While moleskin originally meant the fur from an actual mole, it now applies to a cotton fabric with a soft nap, similar to the animal's fur. It's also used in American English to refer to the soft adhesive fabric you'll put in a new shoe to avoid blisters.

Did you Know?

Say "moleskin" and people might think you're talking about Moleskine, an Italian stationery company. It produces notebooks, sketchbooks, and various writing accessories favored by writers and creative types across the world.

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