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Part of speech: adjective

Origin: English, 14th century


Lowest in position.

Examples of Nethermost in a sentence

"We had a hard time finding our car on the nethermost parking level at the stadium."

"Helen almost missed the macadamia nuts, because they were on the nethermost shelf of the baking section."

About Nethermost

“Nethermost” was formed in English by combining “nether,” meaning “under” or “lower,” and the suffix “-most,” meaning “furthest.”

Did you Know?

The nethermost point on Earth is Challenger Deep, located nearly 7 miles below sea level at the bottom of Marianas Trench in the Pacific Ocean near Guam. If Marianas Trench were inverted, and it became a mountain almost 36,000 feet in height, and its uppermost points would be significantly taller than any of the highest mountains on earth — Mount Everest is approximately 29,000 feet tall, while K2 is over 28,000 feet. The lowest points of Marianas Trench are fascinating to humans perhaps because they are so unknown: Only three people have reached the nethermost areas of Challenger Deep by submarine, compared with about 4,000 people who have reached the uppermost point of Mount Everest.

illustration Nethermost

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