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Sunday, November 15



Part of speech: noun

Origin: Latin, late 17th century


Effort, endeavor.


Especially impulse, tendency.

Examples of Nisus in a sentence

"He put a lot of nisus into completing his final project a week before the due date."

"My nisus is to skip my Monday morning workout, but I always feel better when I do it."

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About Nisus

Nisus comes from the Latin words "nīsus" (effort) and "nītī" (to strive). If someone uses this word to describe you, take it as the highest compliment — they're recognizing that you are working hard to achieve your goals.

Did you Know?

The word "nisus" was originally published in "Philosophical Transactions" from The Royal Society of London. It makes sense that a noun for effort and endeavor comes from the world's first and longest-running scientific journal, launched in 1665.

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