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Sunday, July 12



Part of speech: verb

Origin: Latin, 1950s


To walk about at night.

Examples of Noctambulate in a sentence

"After dinner he loved to noctambulate and watch the stars come out."

"The best part of living in the city is that you'll never noctambulate alone."

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About Noctambulate

There's not a specific word for "walk on the beach," but you can put in your dating profile that you like to noctambulate, that is walk at night. Safety first, but there's something magical about strolling along at dusk and watching night fall.

Did you Know?

Sure you can walk, but why walk when you can run? Or maybe you prefer a stroll? You could peregrinate (wander from place to place), and you could also amble, ramble, saunter, meander, jaunt, tour, march, traipse, tramp, shuffle, trudge, hike, locomote, or hoof it. If you specifically want to walk at night, well, that's noctambulate.

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