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Part of speech: adjective

Origin: Late Middle English, late 16th century


Existing only in theory or as a suggestion or idea.


Existing only in the imagination.

Examples of Notional in a sentence

"The contractor estimates the house will be finished by the end of the year, but all plans are notional at this point."

"The artist’s practice was to create notional concepts before putting brush to canvas."

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About Notional

While notional evolved in Late Middle English, it finds its roots in medieval Latin — specifically the word “notionalis” (relating to an idea), which originated from “notion” (idea).

Did you Know?

Some notional actions can be harnessed for your benefit. Visualization, or purposefully imagining a specific action or outcome, has been linked to greater athletic performance and academic achievement. It can also help change habits — imagining completing an action successfully and doing the same thing in real life helps reinforce positive choices.

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