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Monday, December 23



Part of speech: noun

Origin: Greek, 16th century


A mythical remedy for all illness and disease


A solution for all problems and difficulties

Examples of Panacea in a sentence

"Before modern medicine, people hoped to find a panacea to cure all illnesses."

"The neighbors have wishful thinking that the new traffic light on our street will be a panacea."

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About Panacea

The answer to all of life’s problems sure sounds nice, but we know that no such thing exists. "Panacea" is usually used critically against claims that a suggested solution will fix all of the current issues.

Did you Know?

Alchemists were early chemists who attempted to find a secret method to turn metal into gold. They were also on the hunt for the “elixir of life,” or a panacea that was rumored to solve all illnesses. Nowadays we might just call that diet and exercise.

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