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Part of speech: noun

Origin: Ancient Greek, 18th century


A point beyond the highest or greatest.


(Medicine) A point after the crisis of a fever is past.

Examples of Paracme in a sentence

"He may be in paracme, but the former champion remains a powerful golfer."

"The Gin Blossoms hit their prime in the 1990s, but John loves the albums from the band’s paracme period since the millennium."

About Paracme

“Paracme” is a loanword from the ancient Greek “parakmḗ,” combining “pará” (“next to”) and “acme” (“high point”).

Did you Know?

It’s hard to identify a musician’s paracme, because in order to do so, there must be a definitive agreement on what era constituted the artist’s strongest works. Often, professional critics might decide that a musician has passed their period of greatest creativity, yet fans will continue to buy albums and attend concerts in a supposed paracme phase. Alternately, artists might please critics with ambitious studio albums but turn off their usual fans with the live shows. For musicians with aspirations of decades-long careers, it may be better to avoid a peak and a subsequent paracme.

illustration Paracme

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