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Part of speech: Noun

Origin: Middle English, late 14th century


(Formal, humorous) A teacher, especially a strict or pedantic one.

Examples of Pedagogue in a sentence

"Mr. Mullins was a well-known pedagogue."

"The strictest teachers have been branded as pedagogues by their students."

About Pedagogue

This Late Middle English word stems from Latin via the Greek “paidagōgos,” denoting an enslaved person who accompanied a child to school. Comes from “pais,” meaning “paid-,” “boy” and “agōgos,” meaning “guide.

Did you Know?

While a pedagogue is described as a dull or strict educator, in the education field, “pedagogy” is specific to the teaching of children or dependent personalities. “Andragogy,” on the other hand, refers to methods and principles used to teach adults, and an andragogue is an adult educator who uses these methods.

illustration Pedagogue

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