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Part of speech: noun

Origin: Ancient Greek, 17th century


A place for thinking.


An establishment devoted to education or study.

Examples of Phrontistery in a sentence

"The library’s elegant reading room was the perfect phrontistery for studying."

"The clearing in the forest was so quiet it was adopted as a natural phrontistery by introspective hikers."

About Phrontistery

“Phrontistery” comes from the ancient Greek φροντιστής (“phrontistḗ”), meaning “a thinker.”

Did you Know?

“Phrontistery” means “a place for thinking,” and since the Middle Ages, the term has often been used as a lofty synonym for a university, college, or other place of formal education. However, a phrontistery can be any place ideal for thinking — including public libraries and museums, as well as parks, forests, and any other places where meditation comes easily. The term has also been humorously applied to another location of frequent quiet reflection: the lavatory.

illustration Phrontistery

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