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Part of speech: adjective

Origin: English, 19th century


Trivial; unimportant.

Examples of Piffling in a sentence

"Dora felt disappointed to have worked so hard for such a piffling amount of pay."

"I’m hesitant to call professionals for piffling repairs, so I always try to fix things myself first."

About Piffling

“Piffling” is based on the English word “piffle,” meaning “nonsense.”

Did you Know?

“Piffling” is an adjective formed in English to describe unimportant things, based on the noun “piffle.” “Piffle” can also be a verb: “To piffle” means to speak in a useless or meaningless way. Thus, a “piffling” matter is that associated with meaningless things, and the kind of speech that promotes meaninglessness.

illustration Piffling

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