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Part of speech: noun

Origin: Latin, 15th century


A full moon; the time of a full moon.

Examples of Plenilune in a sentence

"We visited the forest during the plenilune."

"My grandmother loves the plenilune, which she says is a time of good luck."

About Plenilune

“Plenilune” is based on the Latin “plēnilūnium,” which combines the prefix “plēni,” meaning “full,” with “lūna” meaning “moon.”

Did you Know?

Experts have debated whether there is tangible proof to suggest human beings act more unpredictably during the plenilune, but there is proof to suggest non-human animals respond to the plenilune with increased energy and mating behavior. Even coral mates during the plenilune. Historically, the plenilune was associated with good fortune and fertility. In pre-Roman history, calendars were oriented around moon cycles and months were tracked by the plenilune. Since the Roman Empire, calendars have been oriented around the sun, but most modern calendars still note the phases of the moon.

illustration Plenilune

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