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Part of speech: adjective

Origin: French, mid-19th century


(Of a plant) blooming or producing a crop more than once a season.

Examples of Remontant in a sentence

"The bush had lush, remontant flowers."

"Sharron wanted to plant remontant bushes in hopes of winning Yard of the Month."

About Remontant

This word stems from the French verb “remonter,” which translates to “coming up again.”

Did you Know?

Remontant hydrangeas have two distinct periods of growth that produce flowers. The first flush of growth occurs on “old wood,” or last year’s stems. The second flush begins in late summer or early autumn on “new wood,” the newest stems. In the southeastern United States, these hydrangeas experience their first flush in late May or early June and their second sometime in September.

illustration Remontant

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