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Part of speech: noun

Origin: Latin, mid 17th century


A pattern or system of interconnected lines that resembles a net


The network of cracks or wrinkles that can appear during photographic emulsion

Examples of Reticulation in a sentence

"The interwoven veins on a leaf produce an organic pattern of reticulation."

"The shadows of the piles of sticks created an elaborate reticulation on the ground."

About Reticulation

Like the woven cords in a fisherman's net, reticulation refers to the net-like formations produced by lines, veins, or woven fibers. For fishing, the reticulated pattern allows nets to remain strong but supple, able to flex and stretch by sharing tensile stresses throughout the whole system.

Did you Know?

Reticulation stems from a Latin word meaning "small net." However, today, the word is commonly used when describing the patterns on leaves.

illustration Reticulation

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