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Part of speech: noun

Origin: French, mid 19th century


A small perfumed bag used to scent clothes.

Examples of Sachet in a sentence

"Sadie bought French lavender sachets to put in her dresser drawers."

"The women would meet monthly and bring different dried herbs to make sweet-smelling sachets."

About Sachet

This word comes from French, meaning “little bag.” It is a diminutive of “sac” from the Latin “saccus,” meaning “sack, bag.”

Did you Know?

Sachets have had varied cultural uses in history. For instance, in ancient China, a sachet could be worn on the body to absorb sweat and repel insects and evil spirits. During the Qing Dynasty, a scented sachet was considered a token of love. And in medieval Europe, sachets were called “plague-bags” that were worn around the neck to provide protection against parasites and other germs. In modern times of better hygiene, sachets are still used in linen closets and clothing drawers for freshness.

illustration Sachet

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