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Part of speech: verb

Origin: Latin, 16th century


Accept an available option as satisfactory.

Examples of Satisfice in a sentence

"The restaurant didn’t brew fresh decaf, so Vern satisficed with instant."

"Last year, Caroline had to satisfice with a vacation in her own backyard, but this year she’s hoping to travel."

About Satisfice

“Satisfice” is a blend of two English words, “satisfy” and “suffice.” Yet the word also connects to the classical Latin word “satisfacere,” itself formed by blending “satis” (meaning “enough”) and “faciō” (meaning “make”).

Did you Know?

“Satisfice” doesn’t quite mean “satisfy” — in fact, the word implies a halfway point between actual satisfaction and that which will simply suffice. Though 500 years ago, “satisfice” was a synonym for “satisfy,” today the term implies something that will suffice despite falling short of total satisfaction.

illustration Satisfice

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