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Part of speech: adjective

Origin: Greek, 18th century


(Of a triangle) Having sides unequal in length.

Examples of Scalene in a sentence

"A particularly heavy snow storm squashed the kids’ square tree fort into a scalene triangle shape."

"By holding one large stick and a short stubby glove, hockey goaltenders naturally adopt a scalene shape."

About Scalene

“Scalene” is based on the Greek “skalēnos,” meaning “uneven.”

Did you Know?

A scalene triangle has three different sides at three different angles, but a lesser-known use for the term “scalene” describes three pairs of deeply seated muscles on each side of the neck. The scalene muscles help bend the neck and lift the first and second ribs. Because they lift upper ribs and create space in the chest, scalene muscles are considered connected to the muscles of respiration, as accessories to the diaphragm and the muscles inside the torso.

illustration Scalene

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