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Part of speech: verb

Origin: Latin, early 17th century


To produce sparks or to sparkle


To draw attention with liveliness or beauty

Examples of Scintillate in a sentence

"Fireworks are designed to scintillate and entertain."

"Her vibrant personality will scintillate everyone who interviews her."

About Scintillate

In 2018, two brides in Iowa may have been responsible for the first known case of an outfit scintillating – in both senses of the word. After their respective weddings, the brides allowed their dresses to be sparked ablaze as wedding attendees looked on at the flame.

Did you Know?

Scintillate is a fairly common word, but it has a partner that's rarely used – the noun scintilla. It means "just a little bit," or in other words, "just a spark."

illustration Scintillate

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