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Part of speech: adjective

Origin: English, late 16th century


Characterized by a lack of care, thought, or organization.


(of shoes) worn down at the heel.

Examples of Slipshod in a sentence

"The professor could tell the slipshod term paper was thrown together the night before the due date."

"I just can't give up my favorite shoes, even though they are slipshod."

About Slipshod

Here's a word with a solidly English origin story. Shod means wearing a shoe, and slip is, well, slippers. The direct translation might make you think it could apply to anyone wearing backless footwear, but the adjective has pretty much always been an insult. Make a visit to the cobbler before someone accuses you of being slipshod.

Did you Know?

Slipshod was a condescending descriptor for someone wearing worn-out slippers. Today you can still use slipshod to describe run-down shoes, but you're more likely to hear it describing careless or shoddy (no etymological relation) work

illustration Slipshod

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