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Part of speech: noun

Origin: American English, mid 19th century


An exceptional person or thing.


A forceful blow.

Examples of Sockdolager in a sentence

"All of the nominees tonight are well-accomplished sockdolagers."

"The car door hit Randy with a sockdolager that knocked the wind out of him."

About Sockdolager

It is believed that sockdolager developed as a fanciful formation from “sock.” How the word became associated with an exceptional person or a forceful blow is unknown.

Did you Know?

To find a sockdolager, you need not look much further than the Nobel Prizes. People and companies who qualify for nomination are exceptional in their actions and impact, and have often found a way to contribute to humanity’s progress in a particular field. Some notable recipients include activist Malala Yousafzai, writer Ernest Hemingway, and scientist Albert Einstein.

illustration Sockdolager

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