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Tuesday, April 27



Part of speech: noun

Origin: Latin, early 19th century


(Formal) A thing given to someone as a compensation or consolation.

Examples of Solatium in a sentence

"Management gave all the customers who had been overcharged a free item as a solatium."

"Even though his dog came home on her own, Jacob still offered a solatium to everyone who had helped him search."

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About Solatium

This word originated from Latin, and literally translates to “solace.”

Did you Know?

The word solatium was first used to describe compensation for emotional (rather than physical) injury in the 1800s. The solatia offered depends on the relationship between the two parties. While friends might exchange gifts to make up after a fight, a business likely offers monetary or physical compensation in exchange for any perceived wrongs — such as serving the wrong dish to a customer at a restaurant.

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