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Part of speech: adjective

Origin: Modern Latin, mid -18th century


Having a broad, rounded end.

Examples of Spatulate in a sentence

"Baseball bats are spatulate objects."

"The probe to explore the bottom of the pond was long and spatulate."

About Spatulate

This word stems from the Modern Latin “spatulatus,” which came from the Latin “spatula” and the Greek “spathe,” meaning "broad flat blade (used by weavers)."

Did you Know?

In botany and zoology, “spatulate” means broad at the apex and tapered to the base. For instance, water oak leaves are spatulate, with slender bases and very broad tips. Some animals, like porpoises, also have spatulate teeth to help them grasp food. But porpoises don’t use their teeth to eat; they swallow their prey whole.

illustration Spatulate

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