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Part of speech: noun

Origin: Dutch, 19th century


The track or scent of an animal.

Examples of Spoor in a sentence

"We caught the spoor of the moose and followed it into the deep woods."

"The only spoor the hunters found was a patch of faint tracks on the hard ground."

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About Spoor

“Spoor” entered English as a loan-word from the Dutch. In particular, “spoor” was used in Afrikaans (South African Dutch), but variations on the word exist in other European languages such as Old Norse (“spor”), Flemish (“speur”), and Swedish (“spar”).

Did you Know?

While “spoor” is mostly used as a noun for animal tracks or scent, the term can sometimes be used as a verb meaning “to track” or “to hunt.” For example, “John heard the call of the ducks landing at the end of the lake, and set off in his boat to spoor them.”

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