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Part of speech: noun

Origin: Italian, early 15th century


Studied carelessness, especially as a characteristic quality or style of art or literature.

Examples of Sprezzatura in a sentence

"Leo's artwork demonstrates enviable sprezzatura."

"At first glance the mural seems unfinished, but it's actually a lovely example of sprezzatura."

About Sprezzatura

Nonchalance describes being (or feigning being) in a calm or relaxed state. Similarly, sprezzatura is studied carelessness — which often describes attempting to seem calm or relaxed when undertaking a particular action.

Did you Know?

While many people claim to work in a careless sprezzatura style, not everyone can be the next Picasso or Jackson Pollock. It takes hard work to imbue a childlike doodle with intention.

illustration Sprezzatura

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