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Part of speech: adjective

Origin: Late Latin, 19th century


Passing under mountains


At or near the base of a mountain

Examples of Submontane in a sentence

"The submontane village enjoyed mild weather; it was shielded from major storms by the mountain range that towered above it."

"This beautiful submontane area hosts abundant wildlife, making it the perfect place for hiking and birdwatching."

About Submontane

A submontane village in Norway, situated in the shadow of a high mountain range, came up with a novel solution for increasing the amount of sunlight they received. They built a giant mirror to reflect sunlight down into the village.

Did you Know?

The breakdown of submontane is quite easy to see. Sub as a prefix generally means "under" or "beneath." Montane is less common, but it is used to describe things having to do with mountainous areas. Knowing that, you can see how the state of Montana is suitably named.

illustration Submontane

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