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Part of speech: noun

Origin: Latin, 17th century


A substitute, especially for a medicine or drug.

Examples of Succedaneum in a sentence

"Camilla realized she had no eggs for her cake and used a banana as a succedaneum."

"A strong cup of coffee can sometimes be a succedaneum for pain medication in case of headache."

About Succedaneum

From the Latin “succēdāneus,” meaning “following after” or “acting as substitute.”

Did you Know?

Most physicians and researchers agree the best succedaneum for a name-brand drug is a generic equivalent, which provides a close match to the formulation of the original medication. Studies have shown the medically active content of generic medications is usually at least a 96% match for name-brand products. This means a generic is likely a reliable succedaneum for a name-brand medication.

illustration Succedaneum

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