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Part of speech: adjective

Origin: Latin, 17th century


Outdated, or obsolete


Too old to work; retired due to old age

Examples of Superannuated in a sentence

"Every time Apple releases a new model, a wave of superannuated iPhones are discarded."

"After a few accidents at work, he was superannuated and invited to retire."

About Superannuated

The verb superannuate means to retire because of old age. The adjective form is a description of anything forced out of service due to age. Nowadays this could get your employer in big trouble. But you could still use the word to describe tools or appliances as well.

Did you Know?

To be superannuated isn’t really super. This adjective comes from the Latin word “superannuatus,” which means to be too old. It’s certainly not a Super Sweet 16.

illustration Superannuated

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