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Part of speech: verb

Origin: Unknown, 19th century


Stir (a drink) with a swizzle stick.

Examples of Swizzle in a sentence

"The bartender didn’t mix the drinks, but left patrons to swizzle their beverages themselves."

"Ernestine has a habit of swizzling her drink while she talks."

About Swizzle

The exact source of “swizzle” is unknown, though it may be a variation on the U.S. English word “switchel,” describing a sweetened beverage.

Did you Know?

The verb “swizzle” began its life in the early 19th century as a noun describing cocktails (and sometimes as a general term for alcoholic beverages as a class, similar to “booze”). In particular, “swizzle” was a popular term for a frothy mixed drink that required stirring, from which the verb “to swizzle” was coined in the late 19th century. Until the mid-19th century, “to swizzle” also meant “to drink excessively.” Though the root of “swizzle” is unknown, many believe it is related to the American word “switchel,” describing a vinegar-water beverage sweetened with molasses or honey.

illustration Swizzle

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