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Part of speech: noun

Origin: Middle English, 12th century


A tiny amount or part of something.


A small written or printed stroke or dot, indicating omitted letters in a word.

Examples of Tittle in a sentence

"The cake looked delicious, but I could only eat a tittle of a slice."

"Even a tittle of bicycle grease can permanently stain a garment."

About Tittle

Tittle is based on the Middle English "titel," from the Latin "titulus," meaning "a small mark."

Did you Know?

Originally, "tittle" referred to any tiny typographical mark over a letter — for example, accents or the dots of the lower-case letters "i" and "j." These marks are tiny, and that tininess is reflected in the modern usage of "tittle" as a minuscule measure. In some cases, tittles were used to indicate the omission of letters, predating the modern use of apostrophes for that purpose.

illustration Tittle

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