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Part of speech: noun

Origin: Greek, late 18th century


A student or lover of archery.


relating to archers or archery

Examples of Toxophilite in a sentence

"Therese qualified for the Olympics after a decade as a toxophilite."

"I was a toxophilite in college, so I can help you pick out a new bow."

About Toxophilite

This word developed from the 15th century term "toxophilus" (the title of a treatise on archery), but is originally derived from a combination of the Greek words "toxon" (bow) and "philos" (loving).

Did you Know?

Archery is one of the world's safest sports — even more so than golfing and bowling, both relatively safe hobbies. Only one out of every 2,000 toxophilites are injured during the sport.

illustration Toxophilite

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