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Part of speech: verb

Origin: Unknown, mid 18th century


(as verb) understand or realize something

Examples of Twig in a sentence

"Tyson suddenly twigged that he had forgotten his report in the car."

"After the appraisal that the family began to twig the old coin collection was immensely valuable."

About Twig

The noun twig (a slender woody shoot) comes from the old English word “twigge,” (as well as the Dutch “twijg” and German “zweig”), its origins as a verb describing the action of realization are largely unknown.

Did you Know?

The word twig is probably best known as the slender, woody shoots that protrude from trees and other plants. These twigs, however, can help gardeners and homeowners twig, or understand, the health of their trees. If it is green inside, the tree is alive, while a rotten or dry twig might indicate a sick tree.

illustration Twig

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