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Part of speech: adjective

Origin: Latin, mid-16th century


(Of a word or term) Having only one possible meaning; unambiguous.

Examples of Univocal in a sentence

"The scientific term I learned today has a univocal definition. "

"Aaron tried to use univocal words so he could be understood clearly."

About Univocal

This word comes from the Latin “univocus.” “Uni-” means “having one only,” and “vox” means “voice, sound, or utterance.”

Did you Know?

In linguistics, the contrast to a univocal term (something with precisely one meaning) is an equivocal term. The word "blanket" is equivocal because it could refer to a cozy bed cover, or it could be an adjective to describe complete coverage, such as "blanket statement."

illustration Univocal

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