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Sunday, September 5



Part of speech: verb

Origin: Uncertain origin


Relax by disengaging from normal activities.


Disconnect (an electrical device) by removing its plug from a socket.

Examples of Unplug in a sentence

"Mario wanted everyone in his family to unplug during their weekend trip to the cabin."

"Studies show it’s healthy for children to unplug from their electronic devices."

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About Unplug

While it isn’t known exactly when this usage of “unplug” was first used, it became more common as handheld technologies like the smartphone became more ubiquitous.

Did you Know?

While the last several years have seen a large rise in the use of handheld technology like smartphones and tablets, a movement encouraging people to “unplug” from their electronic lives, even for a short while, has gained public traction. “Unplugging” from devices can be a mood booster because it can remove unhealthy, negative feelings associated with large amounts of time spent on social media. Powering down for a set amount of time provides a unique opportunity to reset and refocus.

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