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Part of speech: verb

Origin: Late Latin, mid-17th century


Alter in appearance, especially by adding different colors.


Make more diverse or varied.

Examples of Variegate in a sentence

"Rebecca wanted to variegate her painting to draw more attention to it during the exhibition."

"The president plans to variegate her Cabinet to include more diverse perspectives."

About Variegate

This word stems from the Latin “variegatus,” meaning “made of various sorts or colors.”

Did you Know?

Many plants have the word “variegated” in their names. There’s variegated liriope, variegated shell ginger, variegated flax lily, variegated pittosporum, variegated string of hearts, and variegated fiddle leaf figs, just to name a few. All of these plants have differently colored zones in their leaves and sometimes their stems. This usually occurs because of a cell mutation within the plant from a lack of the green pigment found in chlorophyll.

illustration Variegate

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