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Part of speech: noun

Origin: Latin, 16th century


The appearance of truth or resembling reality


Something that only appears to be true

Examples of Verisimilitude in a sentence

"The critics panned the new movie as lacking verisimilitude with over-the-top acting."

"Her claim of being 45 years old was verisimilitude — her secret was that she was really 59."

About Verisimilitude

Use the adjective verisimilitude to describe a piece of art that feels real. It could be a play, a painting, or prose. In a modern twist, virtual reality headsets and video games are gaining popularity, thanks to their verisimilitude.

Did you Know?

Anyone seeking the quality of truth shouldn’t rely on the verisimilitude of a situation. Inspired by the Latin word “vērīsimilis,” it means having the appearance of truth. The outward appearance of truth could be revealed to be false.

illustration Verisimilitude

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