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Part of speech: noun

Origin: Italian, early 18th century


Knowledge of or expertise in the fine arts.


(Literary) the good qualities inherent in a person or thing.

Examples of Virtu in a sentence

"Callie was known for her virtu in everything from opera to pop art installations."

"There is a tangible virtu in doing community service work."

About Virtu

“Virtu” hails from the Italian “virtù,” which originates from the Latin “virtutem” (nominative “virtus”) meaning "virtue, goodness, manliness."

Did you Know?

“Virtu” is the same word as “virtue,” even if its spelling makes it look more cosmopolitan. It was adapted during a period of history when the Italian culture and language were considered the height of culture around the world. The variant “vertu” is an alteration that looks French, although technically, it is not.

illustration Virtu

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