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Part of speech: adjective

Origin: Yiddish, 1930s


Having a full, rounded figure; plump (typically used of a woman)

Examples of Zaftig in a sentence

"The zaftig model twirled in her floral-print dress before the camera."

"Many cultures have traditionally seen a zaftig figure as the apex of beauty."

About Zaftig

“Zaftig” is derived from the Yiddish “zaftik,” meaning “juicy.” It is related to the German “saftig,” also meaning “juicy,” which is related to the German “saft,” meaning “juice.”

Did you Know?

The original Yiddish term “zaftig” described juicy and delectable food — but also things that could be compared to food, such as a juicy piece of gossip. As members of the European Jewish diaspora adapted Yiddish to their new lives in the United States, the term became applicable to desirable women at a time when plumpness was a signifier of good health and a comfortable income. Accordingly, “zaftig” has often been used to describe round, curvaceous figures.

illustration Zaftig

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