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Part of speech: noun

Origin: Latin, 14th century


A complementary, but not necessary, accessory


(Legal) A right or privilege that accompanies the principal property

Examples of Appurtenance in a sentence

"She decorated her new car with fun appurtenances such as fuzzy seat covers and a phone holder."

"The shed on the fence line was considered an appurtenance for the sale of the property."

About Appurtenance

You can trace this noun back to the French verb “apartenir,” which means to belong to. Go back even further and you'll arrive at the Latin “appertineō,” which means I belong. The English noun "appurtenance" holds this meaning as objects that belong to a certain category.

Did you Know?

You can use "appurtenance" to describe specific objects or use it in a general sense to talk about equipment associated with a particular category. In a specific sense, these items are supplemental accessories. In a general sense, they’re more like qualifiers. These items designate a type of person or activity.

illustration Appurtenance

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