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Part of speech: verb

Origin: English, early 19th century


To toot gently, repeatedly, or continuously on an instrument


To leisurely travel

Examples of Tootle in a sentence

"He tootled a tune on his flute."

"We tootle along on Sundays in our car, enjoying the flowers and taking in the sunshine."

About Tootle

A children's book called Tootle, about a young train learning his way on the tracks, might not seem like a major hit. But by the late 2000s, it was one of the best-selling children's books in history.

Did you Know?

Tootle and its cousin, toot, are likely what are known as imitative words — those whose origins come from an attempt to imitate the sound they describe. In English, we often refer to this concept as onomatopoeia.

illustration Tootle

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