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Saturday, October 19



Part of speech: noun

Origin: Greek, late 19th century


A transformational change in one's way of life


A change resulting from repentance and spiritual awareness

Examples of Metanoia in a sentence

"I experienced a profound metanoia and renounced all of my sinful ways."

"After I got in touch with my spiritual side, I realized this was my metanoia."

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About Metanoia

Metanoia — a deep and profound change of heart — has sometimes been personified throughout history as a shadowy goddess cloaked in sadness. She was accompanied by Opportunity, and was known to cause regret for having missed important moments.

Did you Know?

Metanoia literally translates to "afterthought." The ending -noia has long been associated with thought, as it is in "paranoia," which are thoughts that don't reflect reality.

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