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Part of speech: adjective

Origin: Latin, 19th century


Existing or considered without relation to time.

Examples of Atemporal in a sentence

"Pauline experienced an atemporal feeling while watching her favorite movie, like time itself stopped as long as it was playing."

"I find myself deeply relaxed any time I’m on a beach vacation, because the ocean itself feels atemporal."

About Atemporal

Formed from Latin by adding the negating prefix “a-“ to the adjective “temporal” (from the Latin “temporālis,” meaning “of time”).

Did you Know?

“Atemporal” describes those things that exist outside of relation to time or are unaffected by its passage. The term has been used in movies and TV, especially to describe a story line that jumps around in time or references many different eras. For example, “Pulp Fiction” and other works by Quentin Tarantino avoid a conventional beginning-middle-end structure while also featuring music and cultural references from different eras. These details give the viewer a sense of being jerked out of traditional narrative chronology into something wilder, a realm where time doesn’t matter as much.

illustration Atemporal

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