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Part of speech: adjective

Origin: French, 17th century


(Especially of a residence or business establishment) Small and elegant.

Examples of Bijou in a sentence

"The hotel was bijou, with just a dozen rooms managed by a local couple eager to meet our every need."

"My favorite restaurants are never big, splashy eateries; I much prefer bijou local bistros."

About Bijou

This French loanword comes from the Breton "bizou," which means "finger ring."

Did you Know?

As an adjective, “bijou” refers to a small, charming business establishment — perhaps a café or local gift shop. The word comes from the French word for jewelry, and as a noun, “bijou” (or the plural “bijoux”) in English can still be a darling little store, or it can be a trinket or piece of jewelry.

illustration Bijou

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