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Part of speech: adjective

Origin: Middle English


Reluctant to spend money


Extremely frugal


Highly reserved; restrained

Examples of Parsimonious in a sentence

"My parsimonious neighbor asked me to pay him for the value of the egg I borrowed."

"I know you're parsimonious, but I wish you would loosen the purse strings once in a while."

About Parsimonious

A woman named Ilona Richards was recently voted Britain's Stingiest Woman, making her one parsimonious person. She only buys food on sale, gets all her clothing from charity shops, only shops at night, and eats nothing but vegetable stew.

Did you Know?

The original roots of parsimonious come from an ancient word meaning "to spare." A parsimonious person is likely to spare their money at the expense of happiness.

illustration Parsimonious

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